October 28, 2010


I've been very busy, not only writing proposals for my final papers, but also working on a huge Haunted House project with my boyfriend and friends. Our theme is The Evil Dead, and the four sections take you around and through the large backyard. We spent a lot of time on this, there will be live actors (I'm excited to scare people!), fog machines, crazy lights and surprises. I handmade a lot of the props in my section (including a Necronomicon, Book of the Dead!) and I can't wait to post some pictures after the show.

Before then, I am also attending a literary Halloween party on Friday. Hopefully I'll get a good picture of my costume as well to post here. I'm going as Queen Titania from A Midsummer's Night Dream and looking to some John Galliano fashion shows for inspiration for the makeup:

I'm also baking some fun cupcakes with Halloween themes (candy corn and bones and gravestones made from white toostie rolls). Happy Halloween!

October 26, 2010

Lolita Dreaming

Lolita Dreaming
Lolita Dreaming by calliandra featuring a polyester coat
For the Vida La Frills contest!

My dream Lolita outfit is perfect for walking around campus in autumn and studying literature!