October 28, 2010


I've been very busy, not only writing proposals for my final papers, but also working on a huge Haunted House project with my boyfriend and friends. Our theme is The Evil Dead, and the four sections take you around and through the large backyard. We spent a lot of time on this, there will be live actors (I'm excited to scare people!), fog machines, crazy lights and surprises. I handmade a lot of the props in my section (including a Necronomicon, Book of the Dead!) and I can't wait to post some pictures after the show.

Before then, I am also attending a literary Halloween party on Friday. Hopefully I'll get a good picture of my costume as well to post here. I'm going as Queen Titania from A Midsummer's Night Dream and looking to some John Galliano fashion shows for inspiration for the makeup:

I'm also baking some fun cupcakes with Halloween themes (candy corn and bones and gravestones made from white toostie rolls). Happy Halloween!

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