August 24, 2010

Tuesday Drabbles

No big update today, I'm being lazy as I'm starting classes this week. Here is a little preview of my desk so far:

Mug: Has my morning smoothie! Mango and strawberries today.
Lamp: The plain white looks too new, distressing will commence soon.
Jar: Just a little jar for knickknacks and buttons.
Cards: Some cute Austrian Playing Cards I found at a street fair.
Candle Holder: I wish I had bought another one of these, my sister has one too. It has a lil postage stamp you might not be able to see and says "Jardin Paris", with a rose on the left side.
Frame: Dollar Tree craft. I engraved mine and my boyfriend's initials with my little mini-drill tool. I am planning on making one for him too (in blue of course). I haven't decided what picture to use yet, we don't have a whole lot of pictures of ourselves. Perhaps I'll just paint little silhouettes of our portraits. What do you think?

August 21, 2010

The Maiden's Nightstand

My nightstand redo. Being new to cataloging my refurbishing, I forgot to post a true before picture. This one will have to do. Suffice to say, it was a boring plain $10 nightstand my boyfriend found for me at the swapmeet.
It did have some merits, such as the circular woodwork and real wood throughout, but it was a plain oak color and stain. If you'd like to read through all of the steps I went through as well as some distressing ideas, please follow this link to my How-To Shabby Chic.

Here's some of the details.

After some toil and sweating in the summer heat, I have a piece I can be proud to put in my little room!
Next up is fixing the jewelry box to compliment. My list of ideas for my room are as follows:

1. Paint chair to match mint green desk.
2. Make a curtained canopy for my bed.
3. Find and paint some sort of little bookshelf.
4. Find some sort of chest or basket to put my towels and blankets into (they are in an ugly black crate right now >.<)
5. Antique-ify/distress my long mirror.
6. Find a rug that matches my color scheme (you do not want to see my current rainbow rug, trust me!)

Thank you for reading! ^O^


My Sanctuary Quest Begins

This blog will catalog my art, designs, and mainly the designing of my lil space in a 13x10 room just a couple of blocks from my college. As a student I am working on a budget, and hope to pass on my frugal and cute ideas.

Header is from The Graphics Fairy! So cute!

So for now, here are just some watercolor doodles I did earlier. I never did much with watercolors (besides practicing marble for painting for the theater stage), but I think it would work well with some sort of mermaid/seascape scene. I love the soft tones one can achieve with watercolors.