August 24, 2010

Tuesday Drabbles

No big update today, I'm being lazy as I'm starting classes this week. Here is a little preview of my desk so far:

Mug: Has my morning smoothie! Mango and strawberries today.
Lamp: The plain white looks too new, distressing will commence soon.
Jar: Just a little jar for knickknacks and buttons.
Cards: Some cute Austrian Playing Cards I found at a street fair.
Candle Holder: I wish I had bought another one of these, my sister has one too. It has a lil postage stamp you might not be able to see and says "Jardin Paris", with a rose on the left side.
Frame: Dollar Tree craft. I engraved mine and my boyfriend's initials with my little mini-drill tool. I am planning on making one for him too (in blue of course). I haven't decided what picture to use yet, we don't have a whole lot of pictures of ourselves. Perhaps I'll just paint little silhouettes of our portraits. What do you think?

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